#LittleSand #COFire June 28 Update ^ls

Incident: Little Sand Wildfire
Released: 36 min. ago

Community Meeting

Vallecitos Community Center

6:00 pm June 28, 2012

Overall activity was quiet on Wednesday. Incident Operations reported some light moisture over the fire and generally cooler conditions. Resources assigned to the Little Sand Fire assisted the San Juan National Forest with response to two very small fires caused by lightning activity. A helicopter was also dispatched to assist in the suppression of the Lightner Creek Fire near Durango. Within the southwest perimeter of the Little Sand Fire, movement occurred to the west side of the Davis Creek drainage into an area previously treated with prescribed burns in 2009. It remains north of the Piedra River. Little activity was observed in other areas.

Conditions today are forecast to be drier with a Red Flag Warning in place from 11:00 am to midnight due to heat, lower humidity, and winds with the possibility of dry lightning from nearby thunderstorms. Early morning air inversions will continue to create smoke problems in lower areas associated with the fire.

Resources from the Little Sand Fire will continue to assist the San Juan National Forest in responding to new fires in areas near the main fire. Fire resources will protect structures in the Weminuche Valley. Personnel will be evaluating potential contingency options if the fire should cross to the east side of the Valley. Crews will also be watching for spot fires south of the Piedra River.

In the Vallecito area, the Slide Mountain Trail is closed at the end of Beaver Meadow, and the East Creek Trail (FT 535) is closed at the North Canyon Trailhead. All other trails in the Vallecito area are open. Other closures exist for areas immediately adjacent to the fire. The Poison Park Road (FR 644), and the portion of the Piedra River Road (FR 631) that leads to the Poma Ranch are closed due to fire activity. Closure information may be found at offices of the San Juan National Forest.

Recreation areas along the Piedra River corridor leading to the Williams Creek Reservoir and ending at the Palisades Horse Camp are open for visitors with the exception of Williams Creek Campground. Guides and outfitters are open for business and rerouting their trips as necessary to avoid the fire. Pagosa Springs and the Vallecito areas are open for business as usual.


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